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Traditional Hand Painted Signs

Suzanne Bircher has been painting signs by hand in eastern North Carolina for over 30 years. She is one of very few sign painters left – still painting commercial signs. Art, craftsmanship, originality, nuance, distinction, and tradition… If you admire unique retrospective artisan flair, a hand painted sign might be what you need. Quality and assurance.

Custom ordered, unique, one of a kind.

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“For it is the easiest thing in the world for the Arts to be lost and perish; but only with difficulty, and after long time and pains are they resuscitated.”

–Albrecht Dürer, in the dedication of his 1535 treatise “Of the Just Shaping of Letters,”
with regards to the lost Greco-Roman art of lettering.

Suzanne Bircher, sign painter

I love painting

“…I love laying out sign design on paper and perforating the patterns. I love fonts. I love One Shot Lettering Paint and all its colors. I love lettering quills and brushes. I love choosing just the right colors for each sign.… I really love painting letters and designs…”

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